Thursday, 12 May 2011


Ryan: the beginnings of the texturing on summer, what do you think? theres still lots to do on it.
oh and the eyebrow is weird because i had to paint it on, any ideas how to make it better???

Karen: I find her a little scary..

Laura: Can you send me the texture file with her when you send her for blendshapes, so I know where her eyebrows are to move them.

Ryan: yep, i'll send that along for you once its done.

i like it shee loos cute awwwww.
mayb if you blended the ebrow coulor with her skin coulor it would help? i dno.
how is her hair staying in pig tails? shouldnt she have lil bows or soemthing....
i wana poke her cheeks hehehehehe.

Karen: Lol well ryan hasn't coloured the part where the hair band is meant to be. She looks cute, really?? Lol, yeah the cheeks do look good to poke.

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