Saturday, 7 May 2011


Karen: Love the shadows that is going on the tree, i think the lantern light needs to be exaggerated as Summers parents wouldn't be able to see that through the window in the house. The house still looks weird though..... Hmmmmmmm and gotta sort out some light in the house.
I think i might need to dull the colours down abit on the swing what do u guys think? I'm guna sort out some texturing on this scene today and can send an updated version to you james later on =) i'll get that house sorted out!!!

James: think once you slap an occlusion on it it will look alot better that and textures. oh and yer i thaught that the candle needed to be a bit brighter but if i make it much brigter then it just goes to bright on the inside of the lamp.

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