Saturday, 7 May 2011


Karen: Things to animate:

You get to animate the lightning once we have the sound file.
How about animating the bowling ball crashing into the bowling pins to see how they fall over.
Could do the blocks like you just said

Animate the leaves of the tree
the rocking horse
crayons falling on the floor from the drawers

Urrmmmm cant think of much else.

If anyone wants to be really creative and use water, how about using the watering can and see if you can get water to come out, although i would have no idea how the hell to do that, but just a thought.

i would but to much to do already, oh yer and if you want he candle lantern thing on the tree house to flicker n blow out ill do that.

Ooooo yes please, i would love for you to do that.

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