Thursday, 12 May 2011


Karen: Hey James how do you add ambient occlusion layer onto the master layer??

James: you mean add an extra layer and add an ambiant occlusion to it or add occ on the same layer?

i duno how did you do it in the scene for us?

i made a new layer and used the render all layer feture

just made a new render layer with all the geometry in it then hold down right click over the layer and go to atributes then at the top theres a presets button and go to occlusion then ...go back to the render layers bit and with the occlusion layer selected go to the dropdown tab above it and select multiply and makeshore that all the layers you want to render dont have a cross throught the sphere and cube then in the render window go render > render all layers and then render it and the normal layer will render first then the occ will render over the top of it.

Karen: Ok great thanks, i shall try testing that out!

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