Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Karl: Is this as bright as you want it? Or do you want it darker?

Karen: I quite like the lighting on it at the moment, but then we put the textured props in we may find its a little brighter than it should.

Karl: Ok cool.

Ryan: i agree, i think we need to find that nice balance between the lighting that james did and the one that i done, as mine is way too dark and james's is a little bit too light as well.

Karen: Ok well tomorrow we can have a play around with it if we put the objects into Karls scene to have a look at it. yeah this def needs to be darker now i have thought about it more, it needs more blue to it, it looks a little to gray still.

Karl: The colour will be hard to sort out till you get the real textures in. But that wont be difficult to change anyway :) This James original version btw, not mine.

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