Monday, 31 January 2011

Hello crew!!!!! Ryan has informed me some things but i still a little unclear. So karl, are you still doing the facial rigging or is Laura now going to take on all the rigging? I don't expect for Laura to suddenly join us and help us do loads of work unless that is fine with you Laura.

I am getting on with the rest of summer to try and finish her off as she still has things that need sorting out. Then i shall get straight on with Pandy.

We shall sort out a list of the props that are mostly used in each shot to help you out Karl.

And James, once Ryan has sorted out some rough texturing on the tree house, we can play around with lighting.

Let me know if there is anything wrong or if you need my help with anything, this term is going to about knuckling down.

Laura: I'm cool with rigging everything. :) I'm rigging and animating for Joe's project, so I'm not particularly doing anything at the moment except photoshop and stuff right now anyway. ^^

James: yep :D and if you neeed ne animating done i still have a whole folder to fill :D lol im sorted for the rest of my folders but have nothing for this one

Me: Ok well once i have summer sorted then i shall pass her on to you, my character modeling is not the greatest though, so i hope it will be good enough to rig.

Ok well i know that ryan is missing animating for the folder too, so we shall have to see what karl and i can come up with you for guys to animate.

I have nothing for my technique folder, so i need to find something for that.

James:oh yer mike came up to me a while after you guys left and asked were you went lol so he wants you to come in next mon there was an email just you have windy trees aswell dnt you in this so theres some animating there right? thats quite a bit to do prob makeing trees look like there blowing. You could do some of the lighting and rendering... there is more to rendering than just pressing the rener button lol so you could make all the layers n passes for that n then make it ready for renderfarm n do the diagnostics makeing shore it all ok :D

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I cant get the summer image to upload i have tried 4 times but nothing, so for now do pandy the main one we want is the scary face and expression to the top left.

James:you guys ran away from disertation thing lol we got sorted out into groups for the toutorial things and i think the only spaces left are ealy morning and last thing in the day now so u guys are screwed

Karl:oki, btw can laura do the rigging, as her group isn't communicating well with her? She can rig so that'll give us time to work on other things.

Btw did you go into the second lesson today?

James:ohh and our tutor person is Claire Barratt she wants the synopsys form the dist prep pack last year she said she would email you guys i know that karen n ryan r with the same tutor but nt to shore bout karl think you should b with her 2 but nt 100%

Karl: Me, ryan and karen are with someone called clair along with laura and ppl

Friday, 21 January 2011

Oh and james i can send you the torch if u want so that you can start playing around with that =). I used the cloud texture on the light and it was not good, lol, but was worth a try =)

Karl: believe I have an updated torch, cube, picture frame model so I'll give u the new files on monday if thats ok?

Me:awesome, yep monday is good. What things can ryan model u think? I'm thinking the treehouse and some other bits.

Karl:Hmm.. the treehouse is the only thing I can really think of, but he needs to check how tall ur char is so everything is in proportion, Does he have any ideas on what else needs modeling?

Ryan: yeah treehouse is good with me, if i have extra time i can do other props for the treehouse if needed as well, but i have to texture everything as well so i wont be able to do lots.

James:oky dokie il pick up the torch on monday :D

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Going Back

Hey guys we are back to uni soon, eeekkkkkk!!!! So don't want to, lol. Now this term is all about modeling and rigging. So i need to find out who is going to make what. Karl i know your doing a lot of the prop modeling which is great and i'm doing the characters. Ryan i think we need you to start modeling too, so maybe the treehouse needs to be started. Anyway let me know how u guys are getting on. I'm sorry we haven't meet over the holidays but i can say that i have had a good holiday to be able to.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


This is how she is looking so far!!!!

Karl: wow shes looking really good!
Hey guys, how you all doing? Just wanted to left you know that since modeling summers face, she has changed a lot. She had some changes done, but since actually modeling her, shes changed more, so she looks a little more realistic now. Hope thats ok by everyone, i didn't really want it that way, but she just looked too weird!!! XxxX