Thursday, 27 January 2011

I cant get the summer image to upload i have tried 4 times but nothing, so for now do pandy the main one we want is the scary face and expression to the top left.

James:you guys ran away from disertation thing lol we got sorted out into groups for the toutorial things and i think the only spaces left are ealy morning and last thing in the day now so u guys are screwed

Karl:oki, btw can laura do the rigging, as her group isn't communicating well with her? She can rig so that'll give us time to work on other things.

Btw did you go into the second lesson today?

James:ohh and our tutor person is Claire Barratt she wants the synopsys form the dist prep pack last year she said she would email you guys i know that karen n ryan r with the same tutor but nt to shore bout karl think you should b with her 2 but nt 100%

Karl: Me, ryan and karen are with someone called clair along with laura and ppl

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