Friday, 21 January 2011

Oh and james i can send you the torch if u want so that you can start playing around with that =). I used the cloud texture on the light and it was not good, lol, but was worth a try =)

Karl: believe I have an updated torch, cube, picture frame model so I'll give u the new files on monday if thats ok?

Me:awesome, yep monday is good. What things can ryan model u think? I'm thinking the treehouse and some other bits.

Karl:Hmm.. the treehouse is the only thing I can really think of, but he needs to check how tall ur char is so everything is in proportion, Does he have any ideas on what else needs modeling?

Ryan: yeah treehouse is good with me, if i have extra time i can do other props for the treehouse if needed as well, but i have to texture everything as well so i wont be able to do lots.

James:oky dokie il pick up the torch on monday :D

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