Sunday, 22 May 2011


Ryan: Hi, just a little progress shot showing how the texturing is coming along. I need to adjust the colours a bit, especially with the leaves and a bit on the tree trunk, but it's getting there...any suggestions then let me know.

Karen: I really like the detail you have to the trunk but the colours are slightly to bold, if you dull them just a little bit then they shall work nicely with the scene.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Animating issues

Karen: Karl you officially have to animate Pandy now, i have no Maya to work with and can not do much until i get my laptop back as the maya on the laptop from uni does not work and i can not uninstall it to reinstall maya as i am not the administrator. I need you to work on him from this day forward!!!! Do whatever you can do until we are in next. The animatic is on here if you don't have it so you have that to go by! Keep me updated on here or anyone else you need to talk to!

Karl: ok, will do.

Karen: =) Thanks, and i shall do either all or most of Summer to make it fair.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Laura: I dunno if any of you would be interested in this as something for your technical folder, but if I give you the rig and the blendshapes, d'you wanna work out how to make Summer's pigtails move? I'm setting up a basic spline thing for them to see how it goes, but otherwise you could do something collision-y?

Karen: Well i have to say that is a no no for me because well my mac and the one i borrowed from uni the maya on it does not work unless i am in uni so i cant do anything again.

James: oh dear it must be a network licence. theres not much you can do i dnt think exept claim mittigaing circemstances if you need to at the end you dnt realy wana uninstall it and install it again anyway cos the collage will prob yell at you.

Ryan: lol we tried to uninstall it and install it again but you need the administrators password for all of that as lame.

Karen: I am going to try and get a extension for us.

lol but the deadline is a few weeks away yet and youl only b able to get extention for you... you can carry on working on film after deadline anyway until degree show.

Karen: Yeah you may have a point there.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Karl: Is this as bright as you want it? Or do you want it darker?

Karen: I quite like the lighting on it at the moment, but then we put the textured props in we may find its a little brighter than it should.

Karl: Ok cool.

Ryan: i agree, i think we need to find that nice balance between the lighting that james did and the one that i done, as mine is way too dark and james's is a little bit too light as well.

Karen: Ok well tomorrow we can have a play around with it if we put the objects into Karls scene to have a look at it. yeah this def needs to be darker now i have thought about it more, it needs more blue to it, it looks a little to gray still.

Karl: The colour will be hard to sort out till you get the real textures in. But that wont be difficult to change anyway :) This James original version btw, not mine.

Tree Texture

Ryan: Here's another pic of the treehouse inside, the main focus of this is for the tree in the corner, what do you think??

Karl: I like it, but something feels weird. It might be all the grey texture from the tree house tho.

Karen: Yeah i agree the wood planks look really washed out and dull compared to the tree.
Ryan: Hi laura, the scene file for summer is up on adrive, the file name is 'SUMMER_FINAL'. We've only got a few weeks left and we really need to crack on with animation, we would ideally like it to be finished in no more than 5 days if that's possible, thanks.

Laura: Tomorrow is my only day off. I'm at work Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but I'll try my best to get it done asap.

Karen: Ekkkkk oh man.. That sucks, i duno what to do, we really wont have any time to animate and render everything in less than like two weeks, we may have to see if someone else can do it.

Laura: It's only really her blendshapes that need doing. A colleague is off sick at work, and I also really need the money. As well as all the other crap that I have to do for my project. I'll sit down tomorrow and work on nothin but Summer, so hopefully, I'll get her done then. Her controls will be exactly the same as Pandy's, maybe with slightly different names. But yeah, I'm a bit overworked this week and next.

Karen: I know you have your own work to do as well as earn money, its a stressful time at the minute for everyone.

Laura: You haven't had any problems with him, have you? Let me know if you do, and I'll get it sorted, okay?

Karen: None yet, it was impossible to do a walk cycle on him though, but thats coz his legs aren't long enough.

Tree House

Ryan: Hey peeps, here's a little quick render of the interior treehouse, no props in this scene at the moment but they'll be imported soon enough. Still need to texture the wooden rail outside the door, but this is basically what its gonna look like.

Karen: How about trying in with a blue kind of light to get a slightly better view of how it will look.