Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ryan: Hi laura, i've uploaded the textured version of pandy onto adrive, the file is called 'pandytest07textured'. I deleted loads of the rubbish i had on adrive as well so it should be nice and easy to find.

Laura: Fantastiche. :) I'll get started on that tonight.

Ryan: sweet, hopefully it's all cool now, i tidied up the mouth and other problem areas as much as i could so it should be a lot easier for you now.

Laura: Ahhh, thank you. I just want to make it look as good as possible for you guys.
Can I separate the eyes from the mesh? Or will that break it?

Karen: Well the eyes are parented to the face so it should be fine if you un-parent it.

Laura: I wasn't sure if it was mapped with the eyes or not. Or incase you'd done anything. Just wanted to be sure before I did.

Ryan: nah the eyes are mapped on a blinn layer whereas everything else is mapped on a lambert layer, so it should be fine when you unparent them.

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