Sunday, 8 May 2011

Laura: Did some more blendshapey bits after work today. Just over halfway on sorting out all the target shapes.
Just having a few issues with getting it to do what I want, but it will soooon bend to my will, and then I'll pass Pandy on to you. :) It's given me a headache, so enough for today!

Ryan: awesome, keep working hard, we need to get animating asap.

Laura: Yeah. I have work all weekend, so it's nigh on impossible to be able to concentrate hard enough to do a good job when I come home. >< Gonna get it all done tomorrow though.

Ryan: nah thats cool and understandable, wow, getting it all done tomorrow?! that would be amazing if you could.

Laura: I've only got.... 12? shapes left to sort out. And then I just need to work out where I'm going wrong with the setting up... It's being a bit dumb. :D I want there to be less things for you to have to mess with, but bleh. They're all named properly, so it should be fine. I'll try and shorten them so it's a bit easier.

Ryan: wow you're really going all out to make things easier for us, thanks laura!! Hopefully summer will come along alright as well once we hand her over to you.

Just want things to go as smooth as possible for you.

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