Thursday, 19 May 2011

Laura: I dunno if any of you would be interested in this as something for your technical folder, but if I give you the rig and the blendshapes, d'you wanna work out how to make Summer's pigtails move? I'm setting up a basic spline thing for them to see how it goes, but otherwise you could do something collision-y?

Karen: Well i have to say that is a no no for me because well my mac and the one i borrowed from uni the maya on it does not work unless i am in uni so i cant do anything again.

James: oh dear it must be a network licence. theres not much you can do i dnt think exept claim mittigaing circemstances if you need to at the end you dnt realy wana uninstall it and install it again anyway cos the collage will prob yell at you.

Ryan: lol we tried to uninstall it and install it again but you need the administrators password for all of that as lame.

Karen: I am going to try and get a extension for us.

lol but the deadline is a few weeks away yet and youl only b able to get extention for you... you can carry on working on film after deadline anyway until degree show.

Karen: Yeah you may have a point there.

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