Friday, 29 April 2011


James: hey guys modeld that swing gona start on the watering can later one more thing tho do you want the swing to be swinning in the wind cos i kinda thaught ifi it was windy and then the swing was just there not swinning or anything then it would be kinda strange... i could prob rig something up and then i could animate it and that would be part of my animation folder aswell.

Ryan:looks awesome dude!! keep it up!! yeah a rig in the swing sounds great, it will look good in the film and will help you with your animation folder.

Karen:Oh wow, you made them sooo fast and they look soooooooo good, super impressed and happy. Yep like ryan said if you would like to do a simple rig and all that then that will be awesome. Thanks.

James:what about textures? should i email to someone to do that or shuld i just slap a shader with a coulor on it... it might work for the swing but i dno bout the watering can? what should i do?
il get right on the rig then :D yay animation

Karen: Yeah the watering can will need to be textured properly as it will be in the tree house, but as for the swing, you have a good point, we wouldn't really need a proper texture on it as it wont be seen, so if you would like to slap a shader on it then i am most happy for you to do that. When you are done with the watering can, can you send it to so that i can try and place it in the scene. Thanks.

James: oh by the way how strong is the wind?

Karen:Well it has to be strong enough to make a candle light go out, so i am not totally sure how strong that needs to be. the opening shot is about 7 seconds long, but the wind is not strong from the very beginning, i would say it gets more powerful from the forth second onwards.

James: oh ok so the swing wnt have to swing that muchjsut a sublte lil animaiton then il make a swing animation that goes for about 7 secs then its all rotation baist so you shuld still beable to move the swing around and scale it and rotate it with the master control thing... candle?!? is the candle cg? is it in the scene, is it producing light?

Karen:Well mike wanted us to make a lantern just outside the door of summers tree house, so from a distance the light for it will have to go out, it will only be a small light from the distance but we also have a house outside the beginning too, but we are unsure if any lights from the house should be on or not.

James:oh oky dokie so you dnt actualy see the flame of the candle then cos that would b a bitch to make lol have to b done with fluids n stuf lol oh yer that sounds cool :D i animating the swing atm u wnt me to mail it to u wen it done?

Karen: no no, we are to far away to see anything like that, all we need to show is it going out, nothing more. could you do a quick play blast when u think ur done and post it on here or ur blog so we can see how it is coming along

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