Wednesday, 13 April 2011

That's Pandy skinned. I wasn't sure if I'd already given you him, but there he is again.
His weights SUPER need fixing, but that'll happen once he has eyelids, 'cause I have no idea how changing the mesh will affect it. :)
But you can get the basic things down with this guy! Hopefully, the rig is simple enough to understand. If I haven't made the skeleton layer unkeyable, that'll be happening in the final version, so don't worry too much.

Ryan:hi laura, just a couple things i wanted to ask about. First thing, is it possible to switch models for the rig, for example if i gave you an updated character model of pandy would you be able to attach the rig that you've done so far to it??? if not then would i be able to alter the geometry of the rig you've provided so far in terms of the eyes without it screwing up the rest of the rig?? Also i had a quick play around with pandy, everything seems to move around fine, was just wondering if all the mesh deformations from moving the arms and legs will be easy to fix?? one last thing lol just wondering how you're getting on with the summer rig.

Laura: Yeah, I'll just import the new model straight into the scene, and then skin it, so that'll be mega easy to do. :) I haven't painted ANY weights on the rig I uploaded and sent to you, so he needs a lot of fixing. I know that it deforms a little strangely but it should be fixable. The mesh around his fingers doesn't leave a lot of room for maneuvering. :)
Summer's coming along awesome - I had a little trouble with rigging her spine the other day, but I should be able to get that fixed tomorrow night. IPP needs to get done so it's out of my way. T_T The only thing I'm really concerned about for her is her skirt. What did you want doing to that? 'Cause it just gets eaten by the deformations of her legs otherwise. She works alright at a basic level when skinned - I have yet to rig in her eyes, but once that's done, I'll send you her and you can see what you think.

Ryan: ok thats awesome, i've been sorting out pandy and his eyes so he has eyelids and all that. Yeah his hand is a little limited but luckily it only needs to be able to bend so it gives the effect that he can hold stuff.

Laura: Yeah, I'm likely gonna simplify his hand so it only has one bone, so there's no need to worry about spread or anything... I think it's his thumb that moves weirdest.

Ryan: lol yeah i bet his thumb is a bit weird xD i'm glad summer is coming along ok, in terms of her skirt, is it possible to have a simple rig so that it can be controlled on a basic level, it will only be seen in about 2-3 of the shots, it doesn't need to do anything fancy, just needs to be able to be moved so summer can be on her hands and knees if thats cool?

Laura: 'll see what I can do... It'll be difficult to get it to look like it's doing anything skirt-y though.

Ryan: thats fine as it wont really be seen too much, as long as there is some sort of control over the skirt then it should be fine, many thanks!! =)

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