Saturday, 30 April 2011

Rigging Problems

Laura: Mmkay. I hadn't noticed before, but after setting up all the blendshapes, and renaming all the target deformers....
The inside of the mouth is completely separate to the lips section.
I'm gonna spend this evening, after trying to unsuccessfully create blendshapes with it in this way, sewing the edges together, and connecting the vertices, as it just looks horrendous, bitty and really /really/ wrong.
The bits for the eyes work fine, it's just trying to get any shape out of the mouth and having to move 3 sets of verts to try and get it to maintain a consistent shape. >< It's driving me mental. But yeah, I'm gonna sew them all up tonight.

I'm nearly done with it now. You'll have to sort the uv map out. Shouldn't be too hard though! Just select the edge loop around the inner lip part, and you should be able to cut the UVs there.

Karen:Well Kofi has stepped in to uv map summer, so does that mean we need to give him the updated version now? If so whenever you have sorted it out, could you upload it so that we can pass it over to him, many thanks. Oh how this has been a whole crazy ride!!!

Laura: Summer has the same issue, all the needs to be done is the verts that match up with inside/outside her mouth need to be merged to center, and then alllll the history deleted as it's a fair few. lool. I'll pop the updated pandy on your a-drive account when I'm done. Then I'll crack on with blendshapes. :) Should only be about 10 more mins.

Ryan:I've been doing the uv mapping for pandy over the last few days, but i'm currently about to redo the head/mouth as i had lots of problems. And Kofi is doing the uv mapping for summer. So at the moment, none of the uv mapped characters have been uploaded.

Laura: I'll put up the model in abooout 20 mins? That'll give me time to make sure I've checked it over. Are you gonna sew all the other edges together, too?

Ryan:sew the edges?? whats that mean? do you mean to merge or combine them?

Laura: Merging the verts that are meant to be one together, so all the edges along the arms and hands and legs and stuff, to make the body mesh a single mesh with no breaks. Merge to center them.

Ryan:They should already be merged together, i spent a long time making sure that the arms, legs etc were merged with the body , then again we've had some weird problems where we've opened up the scenes and parts have somehow become unattached.

Laura: Yeah, that's what I mean. It's 'cause they weren't all originally made from one piece, and it's causing all kinds of weird issues. 'Cause the vertices are just next to each other, not /one/ vertex, it's making it go mental.

James:cant you just go mesh>merge vertices and it will merge all the verticies within a tolorence distence of eachother.... there was a way to check all the verts on the edge of the mesh aswell by makeing the outerline thicker somehow.

Laura:Ooh, I didn't know that one. o: Shows how much time I spend modeling. :D
if it's just the one command, it might be easier for him to do it on his end, otherwise, that's the whole upload and download time wasted. Then he can just carry on mapping in the same session?

Karen: Well its technically the same amount of up loading which ever way we went but if you don't wana do then sent it over our way!

Laura: I haven't done much to it, except attempt it on the lips bit, but I think it's gone a bit wrong. I'm not sure what verts are attached to where. x_x I'll put it up, but idk. See what you make of it!

Karen:james you wana sort it out for us, lol, i am soooooo confused on all this. As for the swing could you just send it to my email as it seems have have done everything already.

James:il have a look at it if you want email it to my rave mail or something
found that thing that highlights the edge of the mesh
Window > settings / preferences > preferences > then select polygons in the left hand box and then tick the box that
says highlight border edges.
should show were the un joined verts are.
kk il mail it you you right away.

Karen: ok so i took a quite look and yeah the mouth is messed up, it is just that or was there more, i hope not coz there shouldnt be. Oh man the file was never like this before all the arms that were fine, i have no idea what has happened apart from the mouth =S.... I think the arms might still need some work, oh what a damn pain.

James: got it... computer running slow tho arggg... whats wrong with it?... exactly lol

Laura: It's so /so/ difficult to get into any shape for the mouth to make faces. xD When it was separated into bits, it was worse, but now it's one piece, so it's pretty much alright? I'm not sure if I managed to merge it right though.

Karen: Oh man that means ryans gotta uv map everything again in it....

Laura:Yeah, that's why I said for him to do it, so he can just carry on with the mapping and see what's happening.

James: well i cant see any holes in the mesh apart from behind the eyes but there ment to be there lol everything else looks like a full mesh to me.

Laura:Literally, all I have done is merge the loose vertices to make the mesh a whole mesh, rather than bits of mesh joined up to look whole. I can work with that, but I dunno if you wanted to tidy anything else up and get rid of any triangles or whatever? Ryan or Kofi still need to re-do the UV map, so I can't attach the boned rig til that's done, apparently.

Karen:yeah so any triangles need to be deleted so that the uv mapping will be ok

James:no triangles are fine as far as i know lol 5 sided are bad and 5 or more sided stars from a vertex.

Karen:ok james is right again!!! i just researched it and triangles are fine!!!!!

Laura:Once it's uv mapped? XD IF you map it, then bung a rough texture on it, I can finish the rig, and you can still texture it.

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