Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ryan: yooooo laura!! i've updated the sumer model and put it onto adrive again. She's now properly orientated in the orthographic views, i tidied up the main problem areas of the mesh a bit and tried to get rid of as many triangles as possible. I got rid of the poopy eyelids i made so that you can do blendshapes by adjusting the mesh around the eyes, also parented the eyes to the body and attached the tongue and teeth in her mouth.....i think that was it lol...now just sorting out pandy at the moment which i'll get to you very soon =)

Laura:Thankyou very muuuuuch. I'll get it done for you ASAP so you can start working on the animations. or in the future, if you could clean up all the unused nodes, poly groups and image planes - basically everything BUT the mesh, as well as deleting the history, it'd be much appreciated by anyone. It was making my maya crash to no end. ): I've just been thru and sorted it all out.
Doing the last bits to her boned rig this morning. Once that's out of the way, I'll start cloning her for blendshapes. I apologise if I've gotten rid of any textures that you were using, but because my PC couldn't find them, it just kept crashing.

ok cool, sorry for all the problems, i really have no idea about what has to be done to the model and the scene before rigging. There were no textures on the mesh either apart from the standard lamberts so no worries there...hope you dont have any more problems

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