Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ryan: Hey laura! guess what?!?! i have the next version of pandy uploaded on adrive, rather than upload the whole project folder I just uploaded the scene file which is called Pandy18pre-rig.mb Most notable changes are that his eyes have been resized and now has the potential to blink with blendshapes, HOORAY!!! also slightly reshaped his ears and the back of the head and positioned him more in the centre of the axis as he was originally floating a bit...oh and i raised his mouth so its now a little closer to the nose....and i think that was it. I deleted the image planes in the scene as well as the history and generally tried to keep things clean and tidy for ya...hopefully this should be the final fix so that the rigging can be completed *fingers crossed*.

Laura: Ah, fantastiche. I'll get IPP out of the way tonight, and finish up the bones tomorrow. I'll upload them for you to play with while I do the blendshapes. The animations should transfer over. :) Then, it's all you guys!

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