Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hello everyone, how are you guys getting on??

Got a poopy thing to ask you all i'm afraid, as soon as you can, get you guys get a timeline together for me of what things for are doing, when you can do them blah blah as well as other things you do like part time work, blah blah. Once i have that then i can do mine and some how fit them all together, thanks =). X

Laura:I'll see what Joe's putting me down for. :) Once I've got that, I'll give you like, a map out of how the weeks generally pan out. Though you'll only need me for a wee while. :D

Me: Ok that will be great. Yeah you wont have all that much to put in, say that you'll get the characters by the end of the month and hopefully that will help to plan things out. =) cheers my dears.

Laura: Okay, cooool. When you get them to me, I'll try and get them done as quickly as possible so you can get on with animating. :D

Me: You're the best =) Thank you

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