Monday, 28 February 2011

Laura: Whilst I'm thinking about it, who's animating, and which version of Maya are ye using? (this has probably already been said elsewhere, but this just makes it easier for me to seeee~~)
I'm fairly sure I'm either on 2010 or 2011, just want to make sure we're compatible. :D

James: You should be able to see the diffrence between 2010 and 2011 2011 looks very diffrent thay made it look more modernised and prity looking

Ryan:character animation is being done by karen and karl, lightning is being done by james and i'm doing secondary animation. Karen is using maya 8.5 because her mac isn't compatible with any other versions, i'm using maya 2010 and i think karl is as well but i'm not too sure, but we've been swapping files and all that for a while and everything works fine so we must be compatible.

Karl:yeh im on 10. we should be fine as long as we dont use any new features then go back a version.

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