Friday, 5 November 2010

Welcome To the Club

Hey guys!! Thought i would make a little group for us. As you can see i have added james too, this is mainly for if we need james help, then he can keep up to date with what is happening instead of us having to keep explaining everything.
Let the work begin!!!
See you all monday =).

Ryan: Great job Karen, now we can all start working and posting stuff on here and keep up to date with what we're all doing.

Me:Yep yep, remember that we need to have them brain storms for monday, so whatever anyone thinks off, even if it seems crap write it down coz we may be able to work something out.

Ryan:Gotcha!! every idea is valuable so we should write them all down! well, i better get cracking on with some work.

James:i love how facebook didont even ask if i wanted to be in the group it jst says you are now a member of the group lol :D cant wait to see what you guys get up to here. howes the work going then guys is what i mean to say lol :D

Me: Well the girls clothes colours have changed and pandy is completely being redone so that he has a mouth. Im just about to start character modeling tonight, so i think that will be hell =(.

James:oh no how much is he changing is he still gona b cutsy lol :O is he gona talk now?

Me:He shall be a cutsy indeed. well Pandy needs to pull a scary face near the end, so we are having a mouth mainly just to show that.

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